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Videos Compel Attention and Enhance Customer Memory

-- 2011-11-17 2:00 am --

Small Business owners must consider the advantages of including video on their websites and posting them on YouTube and other forums. Videos are more compelling than simple type and draw viewers’ attention. Potential customers are 50 percent more likely to click on a video when perusing search results. If the video is informative or humorous and engages the viewer, they are much more likely to follow through by reading your content or clicking on a link to your website. That point is the first thing to consider when creating a video. The commercial must have a call to action. That action could be accessing a company’s website, filling out an online form for further information, or contacting a company directly. Successful videos always include a call to action on the part of viewers.

Videos either call for immediate action or encourage the desire for a particular product or service. Videos are more memorable than print alone, so viewers of videos are more likely to remember a particular company when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that consumers discover a video. The video may not receive a cult following, but it may reach the necessary demographic and achieve its goals without necessarily going viral.

Clear resolution is a necessity. Video has evolved from the grainy out-of-focus offerings of years past. High definition videos make a good impression on viewers. Content is important, but first the video must be clear. Videos should be shot in wide screen HD quality with 16:9 aspect ratio. They should be posted in MP4 video format with H264 file compression. Keep videos very short unless the subject matter is particularly complex and technical and targeted to an audience that understands the discussion. How-to videos may also be a bit longer since they must include all necessary steps to complete the assembly or process being taught.

Videos are accessed by the same process as other online services through the use of keywords. The keywords should be included in the video if there is audio. These keywords must also be included in the title, in the first few descriptive words about the video and in the tags. Try to keep titles within 65 characters including spaces. Longer titles may be clipped in search results. The first 140 words of any video description are what searchers see, so these should be engaging enough to draw viewer interest. A 5000-word description is allowed and marketers should take advantage of the space to connect with important keywords, always remembering to refrain from the kind of keyword stuffing that can cause search engines to downgrade a listing in search results.

Captioning is another tool that can be employed to promote a video through clever use of keywords and descriptive tags. YouTube allows customers to create their own captions or will provide the service for video postings. As soon as a video is released, employ YouTube’s share option, so it is available on a company’s Facebook page. The video can be embedded in a blog, mentioned in tweets and generally promoted in any way possible to increase viewer traffic.