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Want to Work from Home? Here Are the Top Products to Help You Sell Big

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-03-23 3:27 pm --

With the economy in a continual state of flux, many are turning to alternate means of making a living. From driving for companies like Uber to running errands for people through TaskRabbit, the internet has opened up a whole new method of trading goods and services. Selling goods online offers a stable and profitable career path that provides people with greater freedom and control over their workday. Here are the top trending products for 2016 that can help to drive traffic to your site and ignite your online sales.

  1. Gluten-free food: Gluten-free food has been trending for a while. According to NPR, one-third of Americans actively avoid gluten in their diets. Offering an array of gluten-free snacks and candies can help you capture this market segment and increase sales.
  2. Bowties: While bowties were once replaced by the standard tie, they’ve since made their comeback. According to Google stats, searches for bowties have tripled within a three-year timeframe, and both men and women are pairing bowties with their business and casual wear.
  3. Wooden accessories: Wood has a classic and refined appearance that can make an ordinary outfit stand out. Both wooden sunglasses and wooden watches are trending right now. Wood glasses, though relatively new, have been consistently growing in popularity, while wooden watches noticed a steep increase in sales in 2015.
  4. Adult coloring books: In general, books are ideal product offerings for online businesses, but adult coloring books offer additional sales potential. In fact, nine of the top 20 bestselling books on Amazon were adult coloring books in 2015, making it the ideal product for resellers looking to sell big.
  5. Leggings and jeggings: Leggings are no longer considered something to be worn underneath a skirt or to the gym, at least not if you ask the millennial generation. Now, leggings are considered pants in their own right. The Huffington Post reports that in 2014, sales of denim decreased while sales of leggings went up.
  6. LED lights: Google stats demonstrate that the sales of LED lights have consistently risen over the last decade. As more people seek to reduce their environmental impact and lower their monthly energy bill, they turn to LED lights as a practical solution. It’s predicted that in the coming years, almost all lightbulbs will become LED, so it’s a good idea to capitalize on this trend early.
  7. Green tea: Green tea is brimming with antioxidants, can help promote weight loss, and provides a nice, clean energy that serves as a healthy alternative to coffee. Sales of green tea have been steadily climbing since 2000, and the trend is expected to continue.

To thrive as an online reseller, you need to pay careful attention to the hottest consumer trends. By selling trending items, you can increase your potential for sales and carve out a name for your brand. Many of the aforementioned items are not only currently trending, but have seen a consistent sales increase for several years running. To access the best deals on the hottest online goods, click here and browse our product selection today.