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Warm Up the Holidays With Budget Friendly Spirits and Cheer

-- 2010-12-11 1:00 am --

Holiday trends may come and go, but nothing makes them festive like tried and true cocktails and concoctions. Unfortunately, hiring a bartender or cocktail server for your holiday events can be prohibitively expensive. With a little help, though, holiday cheer can be easy to make, inexpensive, and the hit of the party, without the high price tag. When planning your next seasonal party, try some of these festive recipes to warm your guest's senses and spirits on a budget that will leave room in your wallet for gifts!

Chocolate Cheer
Hot chocolate is not just for the little ones anymore. Try mixing three parts hot chocolate to one part Frangelico (or any hazelnut liquor) for a sweet and nutty dessert drink. Take some inspiration from the kids, and don't forget to add marshmallows and whipped cream for an extra kick of flavor on a tight budget. To save time, this drink can be made in advance and kept warm in a coffee pot, or festive tea kettle.

Everybody's Favorite Eggnog
Bring the holidays to life, without going broke. Although this holiday classic is great on its own, make your holiday beverages look professional by garnishing with a peppermint or <a href=“/i391133-wholesale-spice-supreme-cinnamon-sticks.htmlc”>cinnamon stick</a>. As an added bonus, just having these spicy sticks around will make your house smell like the spirit of the holidays without using expensive candles or sprays. There are dozens of pre-made eggnogs available at supermarkets, just add your own spirits and serve chilled.

Spirited Sangria
One of the best ways to concoct holiday cheer frugally is to make a bowl of Sangria. Generally thought of as a summer drink, give this cocktail a winter makeover with red wine and festive fruits and garnishes. To prepare, combine one 750 milliliter bottle of red table wine mixed with ½ cup brandy, 1 cup each of orange juice and triple sec, and ½ cup simple syrup. Add orange slices, apple slices, and grapes, and garnish with lime wedges to add some pizazz. Sangria should be made in advance and served chilled over ice. The festive red and green apples and limes will make your drink look and taste like a million bucks. For the frugal minded, this is also an excellent drink to make with a less expensive boxed wine.

Create Elegance With A Simple Serving Station
To create an budget-friendly makeshift bar or serving station, cover a card table with a brightly covered inexpensive table cloth. Choose a washable fabric or disposable cloth in case of spills. Garnish, laid out in small bowls for your guests, looks beautiful and professional. Although nearly any fruit can be used as a garnish, lemons, limes, maraschino cherries, and olives are the most popular reasonably priced. Ice buckets and tongs can be as simple as you like, with a large bowl and ladle serving the purpose well.

With the holidays seemingly costing more money each and every year, remember to indulge and amaze your guests this year with a inspired, yet inexpensive spirits. These recipes, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg. Don't forget to share your favorite cocktails or signature concoctions to keep this year's festivities fun and frugal.