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Week In Review - July 23, 2010

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-07-23 6:00 am --

URL Shorteners and Facebook – Why Marketers Need Their Own - July 19th, 2010

[browsershot url="http://vitrue.com/blog/2010/07/19/url-shorteners-and-facebook-%E2%80%93-why-marketers-need-their-own/" width="150px"]

The use of free URL shortener services such as tinyURL and bit.ly are being frowned upon by Facebook effective June 2010. Some of the links have been broken. According to a post one the Facebook blog in June, the use of the free URL shortener links are often used by spammers to bombard Fecebook members with unwanted messages. Adding new links may require entering characters though a CAPTCHA authenticator to ensure that the links are not being entered by means of automated software. The use of branded URL links is the best way to get around the problem and maintain credibility with Facebook followers.

Survey Says: Back to School Sales in 2010 Will Reach Record High - Jul 20, 2010

[browsershot url="http://blog.dropshipaccess.com/bid/34617/Survey-Says-Back-to-School-Sales-in-2010-Will-Reach-Record-High" width="150px"]

Back to school sales are historically a time for retailers to boost revenues after the slow summer months. Projections for this year’s back to school spending published by the International Council of Shopping Centers indicate that 2010 may boast the highest back to school season in three years. The strengthening of the economy higher consumer spending back up this data. This time of year is a good time to sell electronics, clothing, sports equipment, as well as school supplies, calculators, and backpacks.

Starting Up Your Online Dropship or Wholesale Business Website - July 21st, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.wholesalematch.com/blog/starting-up-your-online-dropship-or-wholesale-business-website/4148/" width="150px"]

Anyone whose business is at the point of needing a website should follow these eight insightful tips to get the ball rolling without taking on too much too soon. Knowing what you want is the first step and often the most difficult question to answer. After that, new website developers should realize that the project will most likely take more time and money than anticipated. Websites are put together in pieces and take time and planning to put together. After the website is built, anticipate that routine updating and improvements will be necessary.

ASD Las Vegas 2010: Huge Buyers and Sellers, Huge Show - July 23, 2010

[browsershot url="http://blog.toptenwholesale.com/asd-las-vegas-2010-buyers-sellers-show.htm" width="150px"]

Wholesalers and suppliers will come together from August 8-11 for a huge trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Taking some time to attend the show offers opportunities for networking as well as valuable information about sales trends, pricing strategies, and current retail and wholesale environments. Seminars will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on August 9 and 10. The show promises to house the largest assortment of retailers and wholesale products under one roof in the country.