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Week in Review (November 5)

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-11-05 7:00 am --

E-Commerce Evolution: Beyond Traditional Search - November 1, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/ecommerce/71144.html" width="150px"]

Any online retailer knows that position on a search correlates to customers and sales. And currently, an increasing number of consumers are beginning product searches on retail sites as opposed to a search engine. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this and searchandising, where they are paying for position on a retail site just as they would on a search engine or a store shelf. Manufactures and retailers alike need to be looking at searchandising as a way to increase customers and sales.

Your Dropship Business: How to Avoid Internet Fraud - November 1, 2010

[browsershot url="http://blog.dropshipaccess.com/bid/49720/Your-Dropship-Business-How-to-Avoid-Internet-Fraud" width="150px"]

As online consumers and sales have increased this year, so have online scammers. To keep an online business secure, it is critical to use a program designed to detect credit card fraud, be aware of phishing scams as they can put not only the retailer but also an entire customer database at risk, and keep current with up-to-date anti-virus protection.

Gain Customers and Sales With Like-Minded Businesses - November 2, 2010

[browsershot url="http://blog.toptenwholesale.com/b2b-retail.htm" width="150px"]

To help increase both customers and sales, consider partnering with similar businesses in regards to referrals and advertisements. Depending upon the specifics of a particular business, it can be quite beneficial to partner with another business who provides a service or products to similar clients in order to glean more referrals and, ultimately, sales.

News: Retailers Strap Down Returns - November 3, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.wholesalematch.com/blog/news-retailers-strap-down-returns/4341/" width="150px"]

Due to the current recession, the return rate of both in-store and online holiday purchases are expected to rise. Many businesses are requiring information such as a phone number, address or driver's license in order to return a product in order to stop fraudulant behavior. An online business, of course, already has access to much of this information due to the checkout process. Customers need to be aware of return policies, and business owners need to be sure they have reasonable and beneficial return policies to product themselves while not steering away customers.

How To Create A Compelling EBay Auction Listing - November 4, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.wholesalematch.com/blog/how-to-create-a-compelling-ebay-auction-listing/4344/" width="150px"]

To ensure an eBay listing stands out from the competition, heed the following tips. Be sure the listing is readable; keep the descriptions simple. Select one, easy to read font type, and use italics rather than capitalization when striving for emphasis. Choose appropriate font sizes, and be sure that the header and body fonts are proportional. Use no more than two contrasting colors on the page for easy reading. Search through other eBay listings, decipher which seem to be the most successful, and utilize some of those aspects in your own listing.