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What Should I Keep in My Winter Emergency Car Kit?

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-01-20 3:00 pm --

If you’ve ever been stranded in a snow drift, then you understand the importance of an emergency car kit in winter. For those residing in the snowier states, an emergency car kit is a vital resource, and its usefulness will range from ensuring you’re on time for work to actually saving your life. Here are some of the top items every car should be equipped with in winter.

Sand, Gravel, or Kitty Litter

Kitty litter, sand, and gravel are all things that provide exceptional levels of traction. If your car comes to a point where its wheels are spinning and it’s unable to move forward, having some form of gravel on hand can be vital. Simply pour the gravel in the front and back of the tires that are spinning, dig out around the sides of the tires if needed, and drive the car forward and backward until you can find proper traction.

Fire Extinguisher

It may seem silly for a winter car kit, but winter is when you’ll most likely need one. The highest likelihood of a car catching fire is after it has crashed, and crashes are more common in wintertime than summer. The fire extinguisher should be stored in an easily accessible place, such as below the driver’s seat.

Shovels and Ice Melt

Shovels and ice melt are both a given for an emergency car kit. A shovel can help you dig your car out in a pinch, while the ice melt can begin melting away some of the slippery ice that’s preventing your car from gaining traction.

Drinking Water and Non-Perishable Snacks

Always prepare for the worst. While we like to think it will never be us stranded in our vehicle for days at a time, in horrid weather, everyone is vulnerable. Have high-calorie snacks and bottled water stored in the trunk of your car as a backup.

First-Aid Kit and Tool Kit

A first-aid kit is an essential item for every vehicle. It should have all the necessary items to tend to basic injuries, including bandages, ointment, sanitizer, and gauze. A basic tool kit is also essential, containing the essential car tools and parts such as lug nuts, jumper cables, a car jack, a lug wrench, etc.

Warm Clothing and Blankets

You need to always be prepared to spend the night in your car if necessary, and having warm clothing and blankets is essential to this. If ever you need to sleep in your car, leaving your car running for warmth can be dangerous. You need the right tools on hand to be able to sleep at least somewhat comfortably while the car engine is off.

This winter has been brutal for some parts of the U.S., and motor vehicle collisions are common. Nearly everyone has found themselves caught in a snow drift or with their wheels spinning out on the side of the road, and without the proper tools, you could spend hours trying to get your car out. At DollarDays we sell a variety of tools and equipment for car owners, so you can ensure you’re fully prepared for the worst of winter conditions. Visit our website today to start packing your emergency car kit.