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What you need to know before hosting a back-to-school drive

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-06-26 4:04 pm --

The back-to-school season is here! Store displays are full of backpacks, school supplies and uniforms. Sadly, some families aren’t able to afford the historically high costs of shopping for school items.

Nonprofits, churches and PTA organizations host back-to-school drives to provide students with the supplies they might otherwise not receive. Before you start a back-to-school drive, review our tips and ideas to make it a success:

Don’t rely on volunteers

Between summer vacations and busy work schedules, your usual volunteers may not be available to help. One of the most time-consuming tasks of back-to-school drives is putting together the supplies that will be given to students. Countless hours are spent opening cases of items like pencils and glue to distribute to students. We make it easy with our pre-filled backpacks and school supply kits. They both arrive individually packaged and come with all of the essential classroom supplies — everything from notebooks to calculators.

Learn how to get the best deals

Finding the best deals on school supplies can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. At DollarDays, we have over 40,000 school supplies at wholesale and closeout prices. Buying in bulk secures the best prices on classroom supplies, which is why so many teachers and schools turn to wholesalers when it’s time to stock up on supplies for the school year.

Find new ways to gather donations

Those who can’t donate their time may want to give a monetary donation. Make it easy for them to donate by creating a PayPal or GoFundMe account. Spread the word about your back-to-school drive via social media and the school newsletter. You can also create a wish list with DollarDays to allow donors to purchase the items you need. We will donate 5 percent of the purchase back to your school, too.

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