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When Santa's Sleigh Is Stuck in the Snow: Ensure Your Deliveries Arrive on Time

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-25 7:00 am --

When operating a small business, one of the most stressful aspects is ensuring all shipments arrive in a timely fashion. When deliveries run late, you risk running short on items, or running out completely, inevitably upsetting your customers and losing out on critical business. Come the holidays, it’s particularly crucial to remain stocked, as holiday shoppers will be scrambling to conquer their shopping lists and counting on you to have the products they need. Here are some tips to help ensure your store remains fully stocked throughout the holiday season.

Always Get Your Orders in Early

If you seem to have a continued issue with orders arriving late, the problem may not be with the supplier but with you. Consider altering your weekly schedule to have all your orders submitted a few days earlier than usual, so you can give your suppliers a bit more time to prepare.

Overstock Your Shelves When Possible

One way to prevent running out of crucial supplies is by overstocking your most popular items. For all fast-selling, nonperishable items, you can stock 25 percent more than you normally would at a time, so you’ll have plenty on hand in the event a delivery is running late.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Come wintertime, it’s not unusual for delivery trucks to run late. Whether the roads are too dangerous to travel, the truck breaks down, or the tires get stuck in the snow, you need to prepare for the possibility that bad weather could delay your shipments. You can prepare for these instances by ensuring you always get your orders in punctually, or even ahead of when it’s needed, so inclement weather doesn’t impact your supply.

Have a Backup Supplier Available

The holidays are a demanding time on suppliers, and there is always the chance they could run out of the items you need. If you have a particularly hot-selling holiday item, it’s wise to have an extra supplier you can turn to in the event your first supplier is temporarily out of stock.

Consider the Need for a New Supplier

While wintertime and the holidays inevitably put extra strain on suppliers, that doesn’t excuse a supplier from continually getting shipments out late or running out of critical items. If your supplier seems to have an endless array of excuses as to why the latest shipment didn’t arrive on time, it may be wise to search elsewhere for the products you need. An exemplary supplier is one who will continuously go above and beyond, always fulfilling their promises, and immediately compensating for any errors on their behalf.

At DollarDays, we understand all the difficulties that arise in wintertime, so we plan ahead to ensure we can continually meet the needs of our customers, even in times of inclement weather and high demand. We’ll work with you to offer the products you need at fair prices, ensuring each shipment arrives in a timely fashion. Prepare yourself for the busy holiday season ahead by partnering with a supplier that you can count on. Contact us today, and talk to a representative to learn more about our company.