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Wholesale Fun bands and Discount Rubber Bracelets

-- 2010-10-28 12:00 pm --

Remember the pet rock, tickle me elmo, and Furbie? Meet their new companion - FunBands. Talk about a fad hitting with the force of a hurricane. These rubber band silicon fun bracelets have swept through elementary schools, middle schools and Junior highs unlike anything we've ever seen. This is an absolute must-have for any kid, teen, or regressed adult. There are all sorts of styles like animals, letters, glow in the dark, sports and food, and so much more. Kids can't get enough of these. They collect them, they trade them, and they wear them. Every store and every organization should have these in stock. Where else, but DollarDays, are you going to find fashion and fad at a price where we don't stretch your wallet. www.dollardays.com