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Wholesale News in Review 6-25

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-06-25 5:00 am --

Don’t Put Good Products on Poor Sites! - June 20, 2010
Studies on internet usage of today’s busy people show that a webpage has only a few seconds to make its point. In fact, most people will not scroll down the page before hitting that back button. Product-oriented web pages must focus on functionality and not on flashy animation or large, slow to load images. Improvements to web pages can be made quickly when the pages are looked at from the perspective of a busy user. Take a fresh look at your website without being too attached to what you are accustomed to. Anything on the page that is extraneous or unnecessary should be removed. Place the highlight on the great products being featured.

Facebook VS Google: Who Will Be the Winner? - Jun 25, 2010
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, states that Facebook will reach one billion users in the near future. Currently, membership doubles every six months. E-commerce merchants and website owners who have not yet endeavored to develop a social media marketing plan would be wise to do so soon.

Entering The Blogosphere : What A Blog Can Do For Your E-Commerce Business - June 22rd, 2010
Since 2005 when blogging became so popular, companies have used blogs to reach new audiences and elaborate on key points of information for their intended customers. Some reasons a business should enter the blogosphere are: ease of use, low start up and maintenance costs, quickly establish authority and credibility in the field, easily interact with customers gaining feedback and gauging interest. Blog themes to match any website are readily available or can be designed quickly to meet a business’ established website.

News: Google Launches Commerce Search 2.0 - June 21st, 2010
In November of 2009, Google launched a new search engine for e-commerce product websites. The service offers customers advanced search functions such as: spell check, synonyms, and query auto completion. With a hefty price tag of $25,000 minimum, this service is targeted to large website businesses. At this time, it is not feasible for most small businesses at this time; however, there may be hope in the future as pricing may come down.