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Wholesale Week in Review - 1st Week of May

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-05-07 2:00 pm --

Need Help Meeting Exotic Needs? — April 27, 2010
Ecommerce sites must do one thing well if they are to survive: set themselves apart from the multitude of sellers trying to market more or less the same stuff. Offering exclusive or exotic items in a targeted niche is one effective method of attracting customers and keep them coming back for more. The online wholesaler, YourNeedsCompany.com, is offering a new line of sting ray leather accessories including iPod cases. As sting ray leather was used historically in ancient Japanese armor, this exotic and durable leather might appeal especially to the men’s accessories demographic, though they do have sting ray leather wallets for men and women in their product line.

eBay Sellers: Is it Time to Start Your Own Website? — May 03, 2010
EBay has raised its seller fees, again. Some sellers have left eBay in favor of other venues or their own websites. It may be time to consider eBay as an avenue to attract new customers to a website or for the collection of email addresses to be used for newsletters and email marketing. One way is to direct buyers to your “About Me” by offering them a greater selection of items similar to the listed item. You can also include fliers with shipments advertising your website. It may not be possible to eliminate eBay from your selling activities yet; however, it may be time to pull back on your listing and consider those high fees as advertising expenses for your own website.

Social Media Marketing Accountability — May 3rd, 2010
According to WholesaleMatch.com, 48% of Americans older than 12 are part of some social media group; the addition of social media to your marketing plan is increasingly important. Social media campaigns can be a complex and time consuming endeavor. One solution for business owners is to hire a marketing firm to manage social media campaigns. This article highlights the steps you should take to measure the success of the marketing firm you hire.

Wholesale Inventories Sales in U.S. Rose in February — April 9 (Bloomberg)
Inventories of US Wholesalers rose in February 2010 for the 11th consecutive month. Companies are increasing their orders as sales increase to the highest level in a year - a sign that the economy continues to gain strength. The 0.06 gain in inventory values in February came as a surprise to analysts who expected a more modest gain. Inventories of non durable specifically goods rose .08% while sales of non-durable goods rose 1.4%. Inventories of durable goods increased .5%. Reports indicate that there will be an increase in production in the coming months to replenish depleted inventory stockpiles.