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Wholesale Week in Review

-- 2010-12-24 4:00 am --

Going Green, Going Vertical, and the Future of Business in Wholesale

Large retailers are following the trend to go green, and wholesalers may want to take advantage of this opportunity by accumulating goods that major retailers will no longer keep in stock. It is suggested that wholesalers interested in capitalizing on this opportunity keep an eye on a couple of vertical sites that lean towards green technology. When prices begin to drop on non-green items that the retailer will no longer carry, it would be beneficial to the wholesaler to make a move before too many other bids are offered.

Timely Tax Tips for Your Ecommerce Dropship Business

As 2010 comes to a close, Drop Ship Access offers five tax tips for those new to the dropship business. These tips include: do not incorporate; consider all possible allowable expenses, such as mortgage, internet, and office supplies; keep in mind that private health insurance is an allowable expense; likewise, a self retirement plan may be deductable; and vehicle expenses may be deducted if the vehicle is used in conjunction to the business.

Top Ten SEO Tips

It is worth the effort to put time into your business's website in order to assist in your online search engine rank. Ten tips to assist you in taking advantage of SEO include using appropriate keywords, making sure URL's are simple, updating content on a regular basis, having a site map, creating multiple domain names, connecting with other sites, and monitoring the traffic on your site.

Setting Up and Executing a Strong Return Policy and Practice

With the joy of the holiday season also comes the hassle of holiday returns. Online retailers need to be sure to have an efficient, customer-oriented return policy in order to ensure holiday, as well as future, business success. That return policy needs to be in place and posted for all customers to see prior to a customer’s purchase. If and when returns do occur, be sure that any employees you may have are able to process returns and refunds while remaining friendly and not interrogating the customer in regards to the reason for the return.