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Wholesale Week in Review

-- 2011-01-28 8:00 am --

Business Trends 2011

More consumer spending will be done via social network consensus this year. Friends tend to Twitter friends about what to buy, and this trend applies to community shopping sites as well.

Mobile device owners say that what they want now are payment and search options, rather than spammy pleas to buy. Gowalla and Foursquare are the next big thing in social networking.

Look for both preventive medicine and health social networking to surge in 2011. Mobile bodily function monitoring is already big, and will get even bigger. And it looks like the medical establishment will have to get sexy when marketing to monied and discerning consumer.

The catchphrase “trusted network” will be even more meaningful. Content providers’ choice of mobile apps will become more important. Consumers want zero hassle, practical apps, and will pay the right provider to get them.

Frugal CEOs are going green! Eco-businesses that can save small business owners hard, cold cash will themselves be in the green this year.

As part of a full circle movement from the cold, impersonal institutional norm, companies will have to become consumer centric and even warm and fuzzy to nab new business. http://blog.dhgate.com/biz-trends-2011.html

The Best Wedding Trends of 2011

According to Koyal Wholesale, the biggest overall trends will be:

• Personalized services
• Hair adornments: feathers, flowers and headbands
• Cupcakes in boutique wrappings
• LED floralytes
• Dresses: corset top and dropped waists
• Inexpensive jewelry
• Bright color combinations: coral/navy, honeysuckle/lime green
• Birdcage veils

The wedding color of the year is honeysuckle pink. Big themes are eco-weddings, diamonds, damask and monograms. If one is having a diamond-themed celebration, one can decorate with diamond mesh ribbons, sparkly confetti and all things crystal.

Jewelry Trends

For a special accent piece to attend a wedding or other special event, why not some unique ear bling: rhinestone disco ball earrings?

Purchasing fashion jewelry can brighten up any woman’s wardrobe without a strain on the budget. Multicolored fashion jewelry is a great conversation starter, and is sure to draw compliments.

Shower curtain options from Hutter Wholesale

When it comes to bathroom décor, Homedit claims that the humble shower curtain gives the most bang for one’s buck, hands down. For just a few dollars, one can express individuality, and change their mind several times a year if they like. What other decorating feature can make that claim?

Of the four possible material options (vinyl/plastic, nylon and fabric), plastic is the least expensive. It’s easy to clean and lasts a long time. If one prefers a beach or water design, plastic is the best choice.

If one has a big, messy brood or lives in a humid climate, nylon is the material of choice. If the curtain will need frequent washings, nylon stands up to the challenge.

Poly/cotton shower curtains are also washable, repel moisture and don’t adhere to surfaces. They can be waterproofed if desired