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Wholesale Week in Review - (September 17)

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-09-17 1:00 am --

Does Free Shipping Pay Off? - September 15, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.internetretailer.com/2010/09/15/does-free-shipping-pay" width="150px"]

Customers can shop numerous retail sites that offer free shipping; however, sellers need to know whether that free shipping offer is worth it. To know whether free shipping really does improve a site's business, retailers who have already found success with free shipping promotions suggest experimenting with different product categories and pricing strategies. The goal is to get the customer to purchase more. This may be achieved by only extending free shipping to higher-margin products or by setting a minimum-purchase threshold.

7 Tips for Tapping Into the Product Video Sales Bonanza - September 15, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/7-Tips-for-Tapping-Into-the-Product-Video-Sales-Bonanza-70825.html" width="150px"]

As the holiday season approaches, on-line retailers will be rushing to upload more videos to their sites. The reason is that on-line videos are proving to be quite effective in showcasing products as they engage potential buyers and ultimately increase sales. Seven suggestions on how to increase sales with the use of video are provided, including: select the best video production format for the site - full production video or the more cost-effective automated video; create videos of best-selling products first; embed current marketing messages and incorporate product reviews in the video; and ensure the video will be viewed by uploading to a popular website.

Work From Home As an eBay Dropshipper - September 13, 2010

[browsershot url="http://blog.dropshipaccess.com/bid/43491/Drop-Ship-News-Work-From-Home-As-an-eBay-Dropshipper" width="150px"]

eBay is the premier online auction venue, and an opportunity for a home business is to become an eBay dropshipper. Dropshippers simply select items of interest from a wholesale dropship product source and list them. It is suggested to write product descriptions and provide personal photographs for each item. There is no need to house any inventory. An eBay dropshipper is only responsible to sell product while the wholesale product source stores, packages, and ships all items.