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Who's Got The Time?

-- 2011-03-30 3:00 am --

Every small business owner and home based business owner dreams of being an international bigwig with offices in Cairo, Sydney, London and Rome. In his dreams, he sees himself talking on three phones simultaneously, buzzing his personal assistant for a mocha latte while having his hair trimmed and notifying his pilot of a trip to the Bahamas in the company Leer. Time management won't affect him at that level of business, but it sure does affect him in the beginning. When will he find the time to manage his accounts, reply to clients' emails, blog himself into the bigtime or even grab a sandwich for lunch?

Luckily for this business owner, there are resources on nearby pages for doing just that. Time management in the beginning is crucial to the small business owner and the home based business owner. Making a list at the beginning of the business day is essential for keeping organized so that little details don't fall by the wayside. Those little details, such as emails, outsourcing some of the workload, managing vendors and clients and such are the difference between staying in business and losing his clients. Software is available for such organization, as well as automated response software, outsourcing software, customer relationship software and much more.

No business owner can handle all that himself or he'd be in the office 24/7. That's where time management skills come in. Trusting the software to handle the nitty gritty every day is easier to do when he understands what it is, what it does, when it does it and what the results will be. Tutorials on just such software are available along with pricing and hardware requirements. When the business owner chooses the right software for him and the level of his business, he can better manage what's left to do, such as marketing, follow-up and vendor relations.

Not only that, but this business owner has a life, or at least that's the theory. When will he have time to take his wife to dinner, see the kids play lacrosse or indulge in his hobby on his basement worktable? The small business owner and the home based business owner needs time to himself to unwind from the pressures of work or he'll be no good to anyone. A relaxed, smiling business owner is attractive to his clientele which will bring them in more often, making his business better.

In today's economy, small business owners and home based business owners are the example others try to emulate. Since we're all in this together, providing a good example to those who, through financial necessity, look to begin their own business, means showing them how good time management works. Success breeds success, which will lift this economy out of the pits and back up where it should be. And then, who knows, maybe all the small and home based business owners can meet up in the Bahamas and learn how to manage some leisure time with those little umbrellas in drinks.