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Window Display Best Practices

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-01-06 7:00 am --

Window displays are a tricky business, as they have the potential to make or break your company. A window display is the first introduction many customers will have with your business, so if you present yourself poorly, you’ll leave a perpetually bad taste in the mouth of consumers. Here are some of the top best practices for window displays that will ensure you draw customers in, rather than repel them from your store. 

  1. Less is more.

The human brain is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time. When people are bombarded with information, this overstimulates the brain, which causes confusion and results in poor memory retention. It may be tempting to pack everything you can into your store windows, but this only hurts your end goal. The window display should be simple, free from clutter, and presenting a single theme. This will make it much easier for your audience to both absorb and retain the message in your window displays.

  1. Advertise your sales.

If your store is having a sale, your window display is the ideal place to advertise it. One of the biggest mistakes retailers make is failing to advertise discounts, sales, and promotions in their windows. Studies have shown time and time again that even the strongest willed consumers can’t resist a great bargain. According to Time Magazine, consumers often spend more money when they are searching for sales, than they do during ordinary shopping excursions. By advertising your sales in your window, you can considerably increase overall customer spending.

  1. Make it irresistible.
The idea of window displays is to draw customers into your store, so it makes sense to highlight your hottest product lines. Some business owners are tempted to use window displays and mannequins as an opportunity to highlight some of their slower selling products, in hopes of increasing the popularity of the item. However, for a window display to be effective, it needs to draw as many people as possible in, so the best use of resources is to show off your trendiest lines.
  1. Find your story.

A window display is more than an opportunity to show off your hottest product lines. It’s a time to tell a story about your brand. Come up with a specific theme for your window display and design the display around it. The window display needs to have a clear focal point, with the remainder of the display serving as a supplement or accent to that focal point. The focal point will be what draws the attention of your audience and compels people to stop and gaze at the display.

Creating a great window display takes practice, but you’ll eventually find your groove. The key is maintaining a sleek and simple image that draws an audience, without overwhelming them with information. Every great window display relies on the best décor to help you develop a scene and accent the products being displayed. At DollarDays, we sell a variety of decorations, store fixtures, and mannequins that provide you with everything you need to develop clever and cutting-edge window displays. Visit our website today to start browsing.