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Winners from our May $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway!

-- 2014-05-31 5:00 am --

During May 2014, DollarDays had a $5,000 merchandise giveaway for military families that were nominated by our Facebook fans. In anticipation of the Memorial Day celebration in the United States, and in honor of those who have served our country, DollarDays committed $5,000 in merchandise to these heroes who keep us safe every day of the year. DollarDays would like to thank all of those who have served.

The military families who won in the giveaway are:
Lee Shearer Family $2,000 shopping spree
Troy Ellis $1,000 shopping spree
Morneo Family $500 shopping spree
Each of the following military families received a $100 shopping spree:
Carl and Ashley Coker, William Mcassie, Lt. Tetyana Muirhead, Boots on the Ground, Williams Family, Peter Mason, Mitch & Hillary Braswell, Valles Family, Matthew and Mikai Roberson, Vitali Shatkouski, Macedo Family, Holland Family, Chad and Shelby Erickson, Robert and Allison Frain.
Congratulations to everyone. You will each receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with your shopping spree! We pay shipping too! Check your spam folders in case you don't get your email. If you see someone on this list who YOU nominated, let them know!

June's Facebook giveaways is 100 pre-filled backpacks for teachers, classrooms, schools or any organizations that care for kids. The backpacks have all the essentials kids need for school! Four nominees will each receive 25 pre-filled backpacks. Be sure to nominate a school, a teacher or an organization that could use the help.