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Five Economical Household Items No Mom Should Be Without

-- 2011-10-13 4:00 am --

These are five economical household items no mom should be without.

1) Zote laundry soap. This is hands down the absolute best invention known to man. Okay, maybe women. This stuff saves baby clothes from spit up, drool, "doo doo", and whatever else manages to stick to baby clothes. Zote is great for mom's clothes too. Moms are known as the "human napkin". It's no wonder that moms will undeniably find something crusted on the back of their arm although they never ate with their head turned backwards and don't even recall eating something that color. Zote laundry soap gets out many set-in stains and totally prevents new ones from happening. Use it to hand wash clothes without fading them and/or use it to spot treat stains before they go into the wash. Zote smells like mild lemons.

2) Evey mom needs crayons. And in the case of wall art, make them washable crayons. Rainy day? The answer is crayons. A screaming toddler? The answer is crayons. Got a kid saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom," while you're on the phone? Can you guess what the answer could possibly be? Yes, it's the creative resource a young one needs, better known by the acronym-- CRAYON.

3) Does sanity come in a cup? Yes, it's called "coffee". This is the stuff giving you mobility after a sleepless night with a sick child. This is the stuff which suddenly makes Barney's "I Love You," song after the millionth time that more amusing. This is the stuff fueling those clever on-the-spot science fair project "let me see what I have handy ideas because you just told me the eve of..." Next to Zote, don't be without coffee. It's your friend. It's your support. It's your lifeline.

4) Mom spit, no just kidding; but, equally effective-- Ajax, whether it be in powder form or liquid form. No mom, or no home for that matter, should be without it. From snotty noses to snotty hands and whatever other germ-infested stuff your kids touch or grab, it's ever so important to fully disinfect the house. Feeling itchy and queasy? Yeah, knowing where your kids' hands have been will do that to you. Now, just imagine all the places they have been that you didn't know about. Grab that Ajax! Go. Run. Don't look back.

5) Wipes. This is a serious matter; no joking here. You need wipes. They wipe "tushies". They double as napkins. They clean hands when you need to eat and don't have a faucet or soap nearby. They are the last minute clean up tool when showers are mission impossible. They wipe toilet seats. They are useful in place of toilet paper. Every mom knows the benefits of wipes. No mom should be without them.

Here you have it. Be without these items at your own discretion.