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Over the past 10 years, Homeless Youth Connection (HYC) has grown from serving one high school and 47 homeless youth, to providing services to more than 100 high schools throughout Maricopa County. In the 100 Valley high schools served by HYC, more than 2,000 youth have been identified as homeless. HYC is a preventive measure to the potential negative life experiences homeless students could encounter. If a homeless youth does not have to worry about where he is going to sleep that night or where his next meal is coming from, he can focus on staying in school and getting his diploma.

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Facial Makeup Cleansing Wipes with Green Tea - 30 Count

$129.60 (case of 96)

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Butterfly Embroidered Bikini Panties - Assorted, S-XL

$262.08 (case of 144)

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Women's Stripe Brief Underwear - 5-7, Assorted Colors

$126.00 (case of 36)

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Men's Knit Boxers - Assorted, M - XL, 3 Pack

$198.00 (case of 72)

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Men's Boxer Shorts - Assorted, Medium, 3 Pack

$28.20 (case of 12)

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