Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy

Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy

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Sole Therapy

Benefits of Sole Drinking Therapy

The sole supplies the body with the natural energy stored in the crystals and the body can hold this up to 24 hours.

Sole may help with skin diseases by cleaning from inside out.

The entire stomach as well as the intestines will be stimulated within minutes, thus encouraging digestion and metabolism.

Preparing the Sole ("so-lay") Drink

Step 1

Place 2-3 crystal salt chunks in a sealable 7-10 oz glass jar.

Fill the jar with high quality water, place the lid and let it sit for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, if all the crystals have been fully dissolved add few more crystals and let them sit for another 24 hours.

If there are some crystals left at the bottom of the jar after first 24 hours, that means the solution is fully saturated at 26% and is ready to use.

Step 2

Every morning, take one teaspoonful of Sole Drinking Water from the sealable glass container and mix it with one glass of high quality water.

Step 3

Drink a glass of Sole Drinking Therapy everyday on an empty stomach.

Regularity is a must to see great health benefits

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