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Crayola Silly Putty (Original)

Crayola Silly Putty (Original)

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Crayola Silly Putty

- Type: Original
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Silly Putty, The Real Solid Liquid, has been the standard of excellent fun since 1950.

  • A very unique substance, it stretches without breaking and bounces higher than a rubber ball
  • It can pick up pencil marks from pages and comics from some newspapers
  • If you slam it with a hammer, it keeps it shape, yet if you push with light, even pressure, it will flatten with ease
  • Stretch it, bounce it, break it, and change it!
  • Have hours of wacky fun with these wild eggs
  • Original Red features classic pink Silly Putty in its original red plastic egg
  • For Brite, Changeable, Metallic, and Glow in the Dark, your Silly Putty will be selected at random from the variety of available colors

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