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Insect Repelling BugButton

Insect Repelling BugButton

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The Bug Button is a button that you pin on your clothing, hat, or other fabric. It repels mosquitoes,bees, flies, gnats, yellow jackets, and many other annoying flying pests. Bug Buttons do not activate until the package is opened. Once opened, they are effective for up to 175 hours. With the EPA recently banning certain chemical repellents, the Bug Button has become the solution to..... toxic, greasy, lotions and sprays. The Insect Repelling Bug Button is simply the best natural insect repelling product available! The Bug Button is made with three natural oils: Citronella Oil, Philippine Geranium Oil, and Indonesian Lemon grass Oil. These oils are among the United States Environmental Protection Agency Federal Registry list of safe, non-toxic insecticides. By using the Bug Button you won't subject yourself, your family, or your children to dangerous chemicals.
The 60 pack counter display is perfect for register sales in grocery stores, convenience stores, golf shops, and drug stores. The counter display provides a great price point and sells great at any impulse buying location. Each case contains 8 x 60 piece count Bug Buttons.
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