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SmartScoop Extra Strength Odor Control

SmartScoop Extra Strength Odor Control

SKU #784574
SmartScoop Extra Strength Odor Control - Odor Control Spray contains natural enzymes to break down and remove the source of unpleasant odors. - Use daily to keep the cat litter box area fresh and odor-free.

Features and Benefits:
  • All-natural enzymes are dormant when litter is dry and are activated in the presence of moisture and organic material
  • The odor-causing waster material is broken down and removed through enzymatic action
  • Spray on the surface of the cat litter box once a day for optimal odor control
  • Odor Control Litter Box Spray uses catnip scent to encourage the cat to use the litter box and because cats dislike citrus scents
  • The wholesale cheap bulk discount Odor Control Spray can be used on ANY cat litter box
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