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What is the difference between drop shipping and being a distributorship? Large companies can become drop shippers when they can connect with DollarDays. They take orders on their own website or from a marketplace like Amazon and we drop ship the products to their customers. These large companies are already marketing their businesses and DollarDays simply fills the orders for them. A distributorship is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who don't have a website or don't have the technology to sell on marketplaces.

When you purchase this program, you are given a special website (like to market and share with your customers and in your community. Your job is to market your DollarDays website while our job is to handle all the backend functions like maintaining the site with exciting products, credit card processing, shipments to customers and handling any customer issues. Some distributors print up business cards with their site's URL address on them to pass out to customers. Here are some ideas below to get you thinking about how you will market your distributorship.

  • 1. Make sure you talk with any of the independent business owners like the drug store, apparel store, convenience store, gift shop, discount store or many of the other hundreds of businesses that can buy your over 200,000 products by the case and then sell them by the piece in their stores.
  • 2. Also talk to the service businesses in your community like the Insurance sales office that can use your office supplies, or the Real Estate office that will buy gift baskets from you so they can give them away when someone buys their houses. Also consider dentists who need toys for their waiting room.
  • 3. All the churches, schools and nonprofit organizations need your goods to support their causes. During the back to school they need backpacks, school supplies and toothpaste. In winter, they need hats and gloves and blankets etc. to help the homeless. The local PTAs need fund raisers and carnival gifts to help raise money.
  • 4. Many families will view you as the "Costco of the Internet", so selling products to your neighbors who normally shop at Costco or Sam's is a natural extension of what you do.

These are just a few of the natural marketplaces distributors can sell in their local area. I am sure that once you become more familiar with all the products available on your site, you will come up with places that need your products that we have not even thought of, yet. Our success is tied to your success, so we want you to be happy with your decision to become a distributor. We also want you to make money!