At DollarDays, we know the money you raise is vital to your nonprofit's outreach efforts — make sure it's being spent well.

    Our affordable and high-value products can easily aid you in all your charitable service projects and help your nonprofit perform as effectively as possible so you can, in turn, make the biggest impact on the world as possible.

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    Nonprofits Working with Us!


    “When I found your site, it was a godsend. I was looking for a wholesaler where I could find adult hats and gloves for our church so they could fulfill the need at the men's homeless shelter. We are in need of winter hats and gloves for more than 450 men for this year, and I could not find any that were reasonable. Then I found your site. When we told the church about the donation, they were very excited, and the fact we received them in time enough to distribute was even a greater blessing. Thank you so much for allowing us to help so many.”

    Carla K.
    Cleveland, OH


    “What if my organization only has a certain amount to spend?”

    We can work with most budgets to order all of the items you need to accomplish your mission. To learn more, contact our Customer Service Team.

    “Can you help my organization send disaster-relief supplies ASAP?”

    DollarDays offers a variety of hygiene kits, cleaning supplies, and other critically needed essentials. Browse our selection or contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

    “Why is DollarDays preferred by so many nonprofits?”

    We were founded on delivering the products nonprofits desire at prices that fit in their budget. With DollarDays, you can feel good about stocking up with everything you need.

    Charities, churches and nonprofit organizations depend on donations to accomplish their missions, and working within a typically tight budget can be challenging. At DollarDays, we strive to provide nonprofits with the highest-value, lowest-priced goods for outreach efforts, fundraisers, raffles, donations and other events. We're your one-stop shop for bulk backpacks and school supplies, wholesale hygiene kits, fleece blankets, and more for homeless shelters, canned food drives and service projects. Find your greatest good with a partner like DollarDays.