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About DollarDays

DollarDays is a wholesale company that is open to the public and there is no membership required to make a purchase. Our case pack sizes are small and we have no minimum order quantities to make buying wholesale easily available to any person or organization. You don’t even need a Reseller Certificate to purchase wholesale, unless you would like to have your purchases be tax exempt. You can learn how to provide your certificates here.

If you are going to be selling our products in a retail environment, many of our products are packaged for the retail environment. If you want to break up the case and sell them online on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, we have provided some frequently asked questions below.

If you are looking to sell on Amazon, please be aware that we cannot provide direct brand authorization to resell major name brand products that we sell on our site. Before making a purchase, we suggest attempting to list the product on Amazon first with zero inventory. This way you can be sure you can list the product before making purchases. If you make a purchase to resell, but want to return it to DollarDays, you may be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Update: March 3, 2021
Effective March 1, 2021, DollarDays will no longer provide additional support to Amazon Resellers. We are having issues with Amazon accepting our invoices and viewing us a true wholesale supplier and our customers are not getting approved. Due to this, we have had a overwhelming number of requests for documentation and we can no longer provide those.

General Questions

Can I please have a list of your prices, inventory, UPCs, etc.?
We do not have a general product list with UPCs that we are able to provide. Please note, not all products on our site have a UPC or meant for resale. If you are purchasing a product to be resold (especially on Amazon), you should call customer service first to confirm what information is available. We also suggest creating your product listing first before purchasing, just in case there are any ungating issues.

How are orders processed?
If you are dropshipping directly to a customer, you will need to log into and manually place the order and set shipping address to the customers location. When the order is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation. You will also receive an email when the item has shipped out. If there are any issues with the order, you will have to contact the Customer Service department to address.

What is your average lead time for delivery?
Most orders ship out within 48 - 72 hours but delivery time depends on location of the warehouse and where the order is shipping to. Since we work with hundreds of warehouses across the country, we quote an average7-10 business days for all deliveries.

How much does your shipping cost?
Currently we only quote shipping to the continental United States. We also do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, FPO and PO Boxes due to the sizes of our cases. For our standard shipping under $100 the cost is $13.93, over $100 we estimate 10% of the order value plus $3.99.

How do I open a wholesale account with you?
DollarDays is an online wholesale website. Anyone is able to create an account and start purchasing!

Can I be tax-exempt if I have a Resale Certificate?
As of November 2018, DollarDays has tax nexus in many states and will likely have nexus in most states once local state laws are updated. We can keep your resale certificate on record, but you will only be considered tax-exempt in states where you hold a current resale certificate. Multi-jurisdiction certificates are also accepted. All certificates can be emailed to the DollarDays' Compliance Team at


What products can I sell on Amazon?
With over 40,000 products for sale on our site, we cannot determine which products our resellers can sell on Amazon or other marketplaces. Please note, not all products on our site are approved for resell on Amazon.

I am an Amazon reseller. Can you ship to Amazon warehouses?
We can ship your order to Amazon FBA warehouses, but we can't produce the specific labeling needed for FBA or attached FBA labels to shipments, though Amazon offers a service for that.

Do your invoices work for getting Amazon category approval?
We do our best to provide invoices that will meet Amazon’s requirements, but currently they are rejecting them without cause. We are constantly working to improve our invoices and are working closely with our resellers to do that!

Can you add some information to your invoices for Amazon?
Unfortunately we are not able to edit the information on our invoices since they are auto-generated once order tracking is uploaded.

Can I have a letter of authorization from you to sell your products?
Yes, a letter of authorization from DollarDays can be provided to sell our products. However, that does not ungate people selling licensed and brand name products.

Amazon is asking for a COA, CPC, or other certification documents for the items I purchased. Can you provide those?
We no longer support providing additional documentation for our resellers on Amazon. We encourage our customers to find other channels to resell our items.

Can I sell your items individually?
When shipping directly to your customers, we are only able to ship in the case packs listed on our website. However, you are able to purchase our items, break up the case, and resell individually using your own fulfillment method.

DollarDays was started in 2001 as a resource for businesses and we are excited about the opportunity to work with you! If you are interested in an affiliate relationship, we have an affiliate program you can explore below. As an online wholesaler, our large average order values mean our affiliates benefit greatly from driving customers to our site.

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