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Artist Canvas & Easels
Almost everyone knows the idea of the starving artist... . For some, it’s just a cute thought to laugh at — but actual artists and art teachers know the struggle is real. We’re here to make sure creative people can afford to paint, draw or sculpt to their heart’s content. DollarDays is the best place to buy wholesale paint canvas cases, artist easels, and more in bulk. Schools, studios, and non-profits will save big on the supplies they need for teaching classes or holding painting parties. And if you’re a serious artist, it’s always good to order your favorite canvas or easel in bulk.

Bulk Artist Supplies
Get everything you need for a great art session at DollarDays while leaving some money left over to eat. Order bulk canvases for painting that are ready to use right out of the package. They come in many sizes to make small prints or sprawling scenes. Support these high-quality canvases with wholesale easels that make it easy to paint still-life or action scenes. Whether you need tabletop easels, floor easels, plein air easels, hybrid easels, or giant easels, make DollarDays your first stop for bulk orders. We source a variety of easel accessories too, including outdoor painting umbrellas, shelf extensions, palette boxes, and leg spikes to set up a masterpiece anywhere you please.

Wholesale Prices on Art Canvas
Even if you’ve never sold a painting in your life — maybe especially if you haven’t — you can appreciate the value of discount art supplies. Buy your next artist canvas at wholesale prices or stock up on carrying clips, canvas pines, and brush caddies that let you focus on the art. If your organization needs an item that you don’t see in stock, just call or email us. We’ll find it in the quantity you want from a leading brand. Inspire the next Van Gogh, Rembrandt, or Picasso with affordable painting tools.
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