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NEW! Beach Towel - 28" x 50"

SKU #2303732 | 48 /case


NEW! PEVA Shower Curtain

SKU #2303720 | 12 /case


NEW! Hair Drying Towel

SKU #2292012 | 24 /case


NEW! Red Rally Towel

SKU #2291967 | 432 /case


NEW! Gold Rally Towel

SKU #2291966 | 432 /case


NEW! Black Rally Towel

SKU #2291965 | 432 /case


NEW! White Rally Towel

SKU #2291964 | 432 /case


NEW! White Microfiber Rally Towel

SKU #2291963 | 432 /case



NEW! Non-Slip Microfiber Bath Mat

SKU #2291665 | 12 /case




NEW! 72" Peva Shower Curtain Liner

SKU #2291063 | 48 /case



NEW! 14-Piece Peva Shower Curtain Set

SKU #2291032 | 12 /case


NEW! 14-Piece Peva Bath Set

SKU #2291031 | 12 /case


NEW! 4 Tier Bathroom Corner Shelf

SKU #2290217 | 4 /case

$18.13 - $19.94/unit



DollarDays offers essential and unique products for the bathroom, including towels, bath accessories, shower curtains, caddies and so much more. Our bath items can be used for donating to the less fortunate, helping supply shelters after a disaster or refreshing your existing bathroom. Coordinate the bath mat, bath towels and shower curtain for a cohesive theme - an array of colors and patterns are available. Don’t forget your towels for the beach either, soft and absorbent, our beach towels come in a wide array of colors, prints, and patterns.