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One-Stop Gardener’s Wholesale Supplier
Get the tools and accessories people need for a lush, weed-free garden by coming to DollarDays for wholesale gardening tools... . Our inventory has everything for planting and tending to flowers, vegetables, shrubs and other greenery. Each case pack arrives ready for retail sales at your local gardening supply store. Furthermore, they’re a great buy for community gardening classes, after-school programs and high-volume gardeners who go through tools quickly. They’re made by landscaping leaders such as Ruff & Ready and Bonita Home that have decades of experience. By ordering gardening supplies wholesale, organizations can make their dollars go further and have more left over for other patio and lawn décor.

Versatile Home Gardening Supplies in Bulk
DollarDays offers one of the largest selections of gardening tools and supplies in bulk to make your plants grow. Order shovels, rakes, pruning shears, watering cans and gardening trowels wholesale to reshape your landscape. Bulk garden tool kits have everything to get a new gardener started or replace worn-out tools in a veteran grower’s shed. Protect against dirt and bugs with an assortment of gardening gloves and kneeling pads that keep nature where it belongs. You’ll want to shield your greenery as well with a plant protection cover for frost or severe thunderstorms. Don’t forget a bulk gardening tote to carry all your supplies!

Grow a Better Garden
Do more good outdoors by selling DollarDays gardening tools or using them for private and public garden projects. We have all the basic tools along with decorative items such as plant stakes that add beauty before the first sprout pops up. You’re not just limited to what you see here — our specialists can track down specialty garden tools upon request. It’s part of our commitment to personalized service that would make us a wholesale leader even if we didn’t also have low prices and fast shipping. Call or email us Monday-Friday to get started.
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Gardening Tool Sets - 3 Pieces

SKU #2363675 | 72 /case


Plastic Hose Nozzles - 2 Colors

SKU #2324476 | 144 /case


Metal Gardening Shovels - 11"

SKU #2324357 | 48 /case


Gardening Tool Belts - 4 Styles

SKU #2368172 | 24 /case


Gardening Buckets - 4 Designs

SKU #2368170 | 12 /case



As low as $1.58/unit

8" Pruning Shears

SKU #1982917 | 60 /case


New Low Price
Gardening Tin Buckets - 4.​25"

SKU #2352932 | 96 /case