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Well Done Grad! Gift Bags - Large

SKU #2168896 | 120 /case


Classic Tall Well Done Grad! Gift Bags

SKU #2168877 | 144 /case


$2.81 - $3.32/unit

Plush Graduate Cap - White

SKU #511915 | 12 /case


Plush Graduate Cap - Black

SKU #511914 | 12 /case


Document Frame - Black

SKU #1945608 | 24 /case


Document Frame - Gold - 11" x 14"

SKU #1945587 | 12 /case



Orange Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909275 | 18 /case


Purple Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909274 | 18 /case


Green Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909273 | 18 /case


Maroon Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909272 | 18 /case


Red Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909269 | 18 /case


Gold Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909266 | 18 /case


Black Tassel Keychain

SKU #1909267 | 18 /case


#1 Grad Rosette

SKU #1909256 | 12 /case


I Did It! Rosette

SKU #1909237 | 12 /case


I Made It! Value Pack Ribbons

SKU #1909316 | 9 /case


Super Grad Value Pack Ribbons

SKU #1909315 | 9 /case


Congratulations Grad! Keychain

SKU #1909120 | 24 /case


I Made It Keychain

SKU #1909121 | 24 /case


I Made It! Rosette

SKU #1909201 | 12 /case


I Made It Award Ribbon

SKU #1909005 | 36 /case


Super Grad Award Ribbon

SKU #1909004 | 36 /case


DollarDays stocks an assortment of wholesale graduation gifts for ultra-low, bulk-rate prices! Explore frames, plush, keychains and novelty gifts sure to delight the latest class of graduates. Our discount gifts are sold in bulk or by the case, allowing you to secure a low price while picking up the quantities you need. This structure best serves small retail businesses, schools, and nonprofits. We also don't require order minimums, so you can purchase the volume that makes sense for your needs. Cost-effective, high-value products are what you can expect when you work with DollarDays!

At DollarDays, we offer a wide variety of wholesale graduation gifts, including photo albums, award ribbons and buttons, certificate and document covers, frames, plush stuffed animals, and lanyards. These unique gifts are designed to serve as nice mementos long after the ceremony ends. DollarDays is your one-stop wholesale distributor, with high-value products at deeply discounted prices. All of our wholesale graduation gifts are sold in bulk and packaged for individual retail sale, making it easy for you to stock a store or gift shop. We also offer fast shipping and a helpful customer service team to further assist your business.