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With this selection of wholesale hand sanitizers from DollarDays, you’ll never be discouraged from getting your hands dirty when necessary... . While it can be unpleasant to come into contact with bacteria, these full-size dispensers and mini hand sanitizers will help you feel clean and safe in any situation. These products are great for keeping on hand in environments with more germs than normal or for taking with you on the go so you always have a fast and effective way of cleaning up. And with our amazingly low bulk prices, you can afford to get a large number of products at a discount wholesale price. Start shopping now to find hand sanitizing products that suit your needs and your budget.

A Convenient Way to Keep Hands Clean
Hand sanitizers probably come in handy a lot more often than you may think. There are many surfaces that we come into contact with on a routine basis without thinking about just how dirty they really are. Whether it’s a public restroom, a gas pump or a door handle, just about everything you touch can transfer germs to your skin. Fortunately, dirt, grime and bacteria can be efficiently and quickly eliminated with hand sanitizer. It’s wise to keep a few full-size dispensers available in homes, offices and stores while also keeping a mini hand sanitizer in a purse or pocket for individual use.

Bulk Hand Sanitizers for Less
Looking for a useful item you can donate to a worthy cause? Hand sanitizer is a product that’s greatly appreciated when given to a wide variety of organizations and charitable causes. If you want to donate mini hand sanitizer, bulk orders can be given to shelters to help the clients they serve or put into first aid kits or personal care sets. With full-size dispensers for hand sanitizer, bulk orders are perfect for hospitals, animal rescues, daycares, school classrooms and other programs where cleanliness is highly important. If you’d like to help those in need, you can get a great deal on wholesale hand sanitizers ordered in bulk from DollarDays.
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Freshscent Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz

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Hand Sanitizer - 33.​8 fl oz

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Hand Sanitizer Gel - 3.​5 oz

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Hand Sanitizer 1 oz.​ - Sweet Pea

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