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These bottles of hand sanitizer will make traveling, working, or going to school as safe as possible... . Covid-19 still poses a significant threat to the public and its up to all of us to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Our hand sanitizer will make fighting the deadly coronavirus easy and convenient.

Wide Selection
Check out our wide selection of different sized bottles of hand sanitizer. Choose from mulitple scented and unscented options. We also have bottles that can easily be attached to a keychain and large bottles that can be used to refill your smaller bottles.

Sanitizer in Bulk on a Budget
At DollarDays we offer low minimum order quantity requirements. We don't cater exclusively to large organizations, we cater to smaller ones as well. If you are a small business, charity, religious organization or other type of smaller organization who needs a supply of hand sanitizer, you've come to the right place. Buying hand sanitizer in bulk can be a great choice for regular people as well. We don't know how much longer we will need to take precautions to stay safe from Covid-19. When you buy in bulk, you save, no matter who you are. Make DollarDays your hand sanitizer wholesaler today.
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New Low Price
Freshscent Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz

SKU #313034 | 60 /case


Hand Sanitizers - Sweet Pea,​ 1 oz

SKU #1930490 | 192 /case



New Low Price

As low as $1.12/unit

As low as $1.55/unit


Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Floor Stand

SKU #2351590 | 1-unit case



Hand Sanitizer Tube - 3.​5 oz

SKU #2348479 | 48 /case



Hand Sanitizer Gel - 3.​5 oz

SKU #2348482 | 48 /case