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Wholesale Health & Wellness Items

Trust in DollarDays to provide affordably priced, quality health and wellness essentials for all ages and ailments... . From head colds to foot fungus, we have what you need as a nonprofit, business or bargain shopper to treat symptoms, cure illnesses or perform at the peak of health. Deliver much-needed relief from pain, fevers, coughs, colds and flus with DollarDays' wide selection of over-the-counter medicine. Temporarily relieve minor aches and pains like headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, toothaches and cramps, or address digestive concerns with a variety of multiflavored antacids and stomach-relief solutions from brands like Pepto-Bismol, Dramamine and Gas-X. Buy in bulk, in medicine-cabinet-style displays or individually wrapped and peggable. At DollarDays, you'll find that our quality wholesale health and wellness products are perfect for home, work or school, for nursing homes looking for medical equipment, nonprofits stocking up on medical supplies and health-conscious individuals who always want to be prepared.  Read more

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Callus Cushions - 6 Count

SKU #966274 | 48 /case

As low as $1.00/unit

As low as $1.18/unit

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12-Hour Allergy Nasal Spray - 1 oz

SKU #966593 | 72 /case

As low as $1.98/unit

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As low as $4.83/unit


Wooden Hand Massager

SKU #2317669 | 144 /case


Instant 4" x 5" Cold Pack

SKU #2318917 | 50 /case


Pearl Regular Unscented 8-Count

SKU #2320285 | 12 /case