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Create an organized and secure atmosphere at any event or workplace with the help of wholesale lanyards and badge holders from DollarDays... . It’s easy for all attendees or employees to display their name or ID when using these affordable lanyards. And by purchasing these products in bulk, you can get enough for everyone while also minimizing expenses. You can choose from a variety of lanyard styles, including retractable badge holders, when you shop on our site. Simply slip in a nametag or work badge and you’ll be ready to go. Start shopping now to discover a huge variety of bulk lanyard sizes, colors and styles in this collection.

Easy Introductions for Events
When attending conferences, work seminars and other events, it’s a great idea to use these wholesale lanyards to facilitate introductions among attendees. It’s much easier for everyone to get to know one another with names and titles on each person’s lanyard. They are especially great for networking events where people are looking to get to know one another in a professional capacity. In addition, bulk lanyards and ID holders can also be used for big celebrations, particularly nonprofit fundraisers and high and college reunions. They help to build familiarity among attendees and create a fun, friendly atmosphere for your event.

Security for Workplaces and More
There is another important use for these lanyards. Wholesale badge holders are a must-have for certain workplaces and public areas where security is of the utmost importance. By giving all staff members an ID lanyard, you can ensure that customers or clients feel safe and secure. They can also be handed out to visitors in certain areas so that employees know that an individual has been granted access to a secure space. Consider donating these wholesale lanyards to hospitals, schools and other organizations or programs where extra security is needed to ensure everyone’s safety. When you buy your badge lanyards in bulk at DollarDays, you’ll get a great selection of products along with the best wholesale prices.
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Lanyard with Card Holder

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Smiley Face Lanyards - Assorted

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ID Holder - Black

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Orange Lanyards

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Neon Lanyard

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