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Get quality cat and dog essentials at affordable prices when you shop for discount pet supplies at DollarDays... . Check out our collection of toys, treats and hundreds of helpful pet care items. From classic toys and treats to cozy cat beds and durable dog bowls, we have the bulk pet supplies needed to outfit a home, pet shop, or animal shelter with the essentials. If you’ve been looking for a better way to stock up on these products, DollarDays has you covered. Discover competitive prices on wholesale pet products when you shop on our site.

Making Pets Feel Loved
Pets need more than just food and water to thrive. They also need to feel loved and cared for, which is why we offer a vast inventory of pet products. Wholesale prices make pet supplies even more accessible, even for animal shelters with new pets coming in all the time. Our collection includes the essentials for outfitting a pet’s space, including plush beds and cozy fleece blankets, feeding bowls and water dishes and leashes, harnesses and collars. Other helpful items include grooming tools, pet feeders, dog treats, and cat toys. These products help keep pets happy and healthy in any environment.

Get Bulk Pet Supplies for your Business
If you need products to accommodate multiple animals, DollarDays has you covered. Our bulk pet supplies are perfect for a wide variety of organizations and businesses. Nonprofits, pet shelters and animal rights groups can turn to these products to find affordable essentials for the pets and owners they assist. In addition, small businesses like pet daycare facilities, groomers, veterinarians, and pet stores can purchase wholesale dog supplies and cat supplies from our collection to accommodate their customers. Start shopping to get affordable prices with great service and speedy shipping at DollarDays.
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Neon Pet Collar - Assorted Colors

SKU #2324543 | 96 /case


Dog Toy Rope Chews - 6 Styles

SKU #1869981 | 60 /case






Dog Nail Clippers Red,​ Two Pieces

SKU #2324475 | 96 /case


Pet Toy Balls - 4 Colors,​ 2 Pack

SKU #2324495 | 48 /case




Dog Tennis Ball Set

SKU #365270 | 96 /case



Pet Brushes - Double Sided

SKU #2332224 | 48 /case






Rope-Bone Chew Toys - Green,​ Blue

SKU #2332205 | 48 /case


Sisal Cat Toys - 2 Colors,​ 6"

SKU #2324470 | 72 /case


Holiday Cat Toys - Assorted

SKU #2319488 | 48 /case





LED Safety Collars and Leashes

SKU #2329382 | 96 /case


Plush Bone Dog Chew Pet Toy

SKU #2353462 | 12 /case

As low as $2.00/unit

Dog Ring Chew Toys - Black,​ 3"

SKU #2324572 | 240 /case





Made in USA




As low as $10.98/unit

Dog Collar with Paw Print

SKU #1281078 | 144 /case

As low as $0.84/unit


Microfiber Pet Towels

SKU #2324868 | 36 /case


Cat Claw Clipper

SKU #1943143 | 144 /case


Squeaky Dog Toys - 2 Pack

SKU #1980808 | 36 /case


Tennis Ball Stick Dog Toy

SKU #2286609 | 72 /case

As low as $1.18/unit


Tug Chew Toys - Rope/​Rubber

SKU #1853421 | 84 /case