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Whether you need to replace a button, mend a tear or perform some other piece of minor surgery on an article of clothing, the right sewing products provide a thrifty and effective solution... . Besides saving you money, sewing skills can help save the environment. Rather than having to buy expensive new garments and fill up landfills by throwing out perfectly good clothing with minor problems, you can get more wear out of your familiar, comfortable clothes.

Wholesale Prices

At DollarDays, we can save you even more when you shop our wholesale pricing on sewing supplies, sets, and kits. As your go-to sewing supplier, we can offer you fabulous deals on discount sewing supplies. We are able to offer substantial savings for our customers because we are exclusively online, buy in big quantities, and minimize handling costs because we sell in case lots. All this adds up to considerable savings for our customers.

Wide Selection

Our extensive selection of items makes these products perfect for charities and nonprofits, including homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and daycare facilities. In addition, everyone needs these basic commodities. That makes them a good sales idea for a variety of retail operations, whether selling online, in stores, or at flea markets and yard sales.

When you shop our sewing supplies, wholesale savings abound. Choose from large or small sewing kits, bulk needle sets, wholesale thread, thimbles, measuring tapes, and more.
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Tape Measures - 2 Pack

SKU #715333 | 144 /case


Sewing Kits

SKU #2304581 | 12 /case


Sewing Kits - 28 Pieces

SKU #2324336 | 48 /case


Mini Sewing Kits - Thread & Pins

SKU #2134564 | 72 /case


Sewing Kit

SKU #678608 | 72 /case


Sewing Kits - 43 Pieces

SKU #2324334 | 48 /case




Sewing Pin Kits - 80 Pieces

SKU #2324331 | 48 /case




Sewing Needle Kits - 70 Pieces

SKU #2324338 | 48 /case