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Although there has been debate about who invented bulk Post-it Notes, there is no debate about their popularity... . Because they leave no messy residue and can be applied and removed just about anywhere, from book pages and cubicles to refrigerators and doors, fun Post-it Notes and cute Post-it Notes have spawned legions of serious imitators. If you are looking to get convenience and quality without high prices, look no further than the bulk sticky notes available at DollarDays.

Whether you are searching for wholesale school supplies or items for your business or nonprofit, we offer you one-stop shopping convenience as well as rock-bottom prices. When you shop our stick-on notes, page flags and paper note cubes here, it’s easy to find exactly the right product for your needs.

Because we’re a Web-based business, we don’t need to waste money on glitzy storefronts at fancy addresses. In addition, suppliers are happy to give us big discounts because we buy in large quantities. Because we sell in case lots, that cuts our handling costs. All this adds up to potentially huge savings for our customers.

Our stick-on notes are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, making it easy to find exactly the right ones for your intended use. As you would expect, you’ll find lots of yellow sticky notes here. But we offer many other colors, from basic whites to gaudy greens, pinks, oranges and even neon. We have plenty of options in solid colors for everyday business use, but we also offer cute sticky note pads with fun designs that will leave a lasting impression and brighten someone’s day.

We also carry sticky book flags useful for bookmarking important pages in books and documents. In addition, our paper note cubes provide a neat way to keep plenty of paper near at hand on desks or tables for writing quick notes or memos.
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Stick On Notes - 100 Sheets,​ Yellow

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