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Dinosaur Toys and Stuffed Animals
There’s nothing that excites the mind of young children quite like the mighty dinosaur... . They may have gone extinct millions of years ago, but they still captivate the imagination while teaching us about the past. Wholesale plush dinosaurs and toys from DollarDays offer a mighty — or mighty cute — take on these classic creatures. A case of bulk stuffed dinosaurs is ideal for schools to use as part of science classes or as playtime toys. They’re also popular for non-profits to supply children in need of a friend. And if your store has customers crying for discount dinosaur toys, we can help you stock the shelves at prices that still allow you to pay the bills

Timeless Toys for Kids
We sell plush dinosaurs in many sizes and colors of all your favorite species. Looking for a T-rex toy in bulk? We have several takes on the legendary reptile, such as the 19-inch green T-rex or the 15-inch blue stuffed Tyrannosaurus. You’ll also find gigantoraptors, triceratops and wooly mammoths. Assorted baby dinosaur sets add a cuteness factor for toddlers and infants. Each giant stuffed dinosaur or small plush toy is made of soft, durable polyester fiberfill that is easy to snuggle up to.

Creative Bulk Dinosaur Dolls
Many other types of dinosaur toys are also available. Both kids and adults will love plush dinosaur hand puppets for putting on class educational shows or improvising adventures. Our bean bag dinosaur plush toys are an affordable party favor or arcade prize to celebrate big occasions. We also carry wholesale Walk Your Petz dinosaurs that teach kids responsibility and prepare them for real pets. We support small businesses, non-profits, schools and other organizations to help them accomplish their goals while supplying good to the community. Get in touch Monday through Friday knowing we’ll exceed your expectations on every order.
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