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Besides making your teeth look whiter and brighter and helping your breath smell good, brushing your teeth can provide many other benefits... . Regular brushing can help prevent gingivitis, a painful disease of the gums that can cause tooth loss.

Some doctors and scientists say that good dental hygiene can even help prevent deadly conditions like heart disease and cancer. That’s because brushing the teeth can remove harmful bacteria that may help contribute to these problems.

It goes without saying then that everyone should brush their teeth. Not everyone can, though. Some folks, like the unhoused or homeless, lack the wherewithal to even buy a toothbrush and don’t have regular access to running water to brush their teeth.

At DollarDays, we offer nonprofits and others an affordable solution. Because we buy and sell our toothbrushes in bulk, we can pass along significant savings to you. Our wholesale toothbrushes and dental hygiene accessories offer a money-saving option for homeless shelters, women’s shelters and a variety of other nonprofits and charities.

In addition, the low unit prices of our bulk toothbrushes make them potential profit centers for for-profit businesses. Everyone needs a toothbrush. Because dentists recommend they be replaced every three months, there is a steady demand for them.

When you shop our bulk toothbrush selection, you’ll find famous brands as well as lesser-known types you will want to get to know better. Our toothbrush bulk collection includes a variety of styles and sizes. You’ll discover regular toothbrushes here as well as folding toothbrushes for travelers, fingertip toothbrushes, denture toothbrushes and many other styles. We also carry a variety of wholesale dental hygiene products and dental accessories, like dental floss, toothbrush covers and much more.
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Generic Toothbrush - 28 Tufts

SKU #362173 | 288 /case



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As low as $0.33/unit

Toothbrush - 52 Tufts,​ Blue

SKU #676197 | 1440 /case




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As low as $0.67/unit

Oraline Kids' Toothbrush

SKU #362626 | 144 /case


Freshmint Toothbrush - 30 Tufts

SKU #56808 | 1440 /case


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As low as $0.65/unit

Toothbrush Travel Packs

SKU #2337063 | 144 /case


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All Pure Toothbrush Set - 12 Piece

SKU #2344147 | 48 /case




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Toothbrush - 5 Pack

SKU #678714 | 72 /case



Fisher Price Toddler Toothbrush

SKU #2345531 | 24 /case




Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

SKU #2358310 | 12 /case