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Wholesale Water Guns & Toy Blasters
Prepare for the hot season with an outdoor toy from our selection of wholesale water shooters... . One of the great traditions of summer is the water gun or Nerf fight. When you have bulk water soakers that drench anything in their path or foam blasters that bounce right off opponents, everybody wins no matter what the scoreboard says. When nonprofits and activity groups order these toy guns, they can provide a fun and harmless activity for youngsters in the community. Local toy stores also shop with us to find great savings they can pass onto their customers while still turning a profit to keep their small business afloat.

Soak the Competition
Our bulk water gun toys come in all shapes and sizes. A small water gun such as a water pistol or squirt toy is a simple point-and-spray option for young children. If your students, in-need children or neighborhood families have graduated to advanced water-fare, we offer powerful water blaster that will leave opponents soaked. Pump action water guns, backpack water shooters and water grenades let you create backyard water wars.
You don’t even need to end the day drenched, either. Soft pellet guns, foam blow guns, plastic dart guns and cap guns never leave a mark. There are even toy guns that fire ping pong balls — just don’t let dad swipe them for table tennis! You can also get crossbow play sets and soft ninja weapons that come with targets to make a solo game.

Safe Blasting for Kids
Wholesale toy water guns and soft toy shooters are an affordable way to keep the summer fun going. We ship most orders within 48 hours no matter how big or small — and if you only need to order a few down toy blasters, that’s perfectly okay. We’ve been the leading U.S. wholesaler since 2001 because we work with our customers and make sure their needs are always met.
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