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As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression... . That’s why it’s so important to have the right decoration outside as well as inside a home or business.

At DollarDays, we offer a wide array of affordable wholesale yard and garden decorations. Any of the products in our collection of wholesale outdoor decor will allow anyone to give their property a pleasing look without having to go to the bank for a second mortgage.

You see, we enjoy low overhead as a Web-based company. We don’t have to spend tons of money on fancy showrooms and plush offices. In addition, because we buy and sell in quantity, we receive bulk discounts we can pass along to our customers when they buy in bulk.

These products are perfect for nonprofits and charities to use as an inexpensive way to say thank you to donors. Because affordable outdoor decor is always in demand, retailers can also reap real profits on these items, whether they sell in stores, online or elsewhere. These also offer a fun, festive and affordable way to dress up a property for homeowners, businesses and nonprofits.

From colorful, festive flags to soothing wind chimes, you’ll find all kinds of items to add visual and other delights to your home or business’s exterior.

Besides making a home or business’s surroundings look better, many of these items offer practical benefits. We carry a variety of lights and lanterns that will provide ample illumination. They can help ward off prowlers, burglars and other intruders. Illumination can also help visitors and others see their way so they don’t trip, stumble or fall.
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Rain Gauge

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Thermometer With Hygrometer

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American USA Flags

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Jumbo Thermometer

SKU #2182292 | 288 /case