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USA Made
Marc Gold Eco Luxury Mi-Luxe Soaps Box/4

Marc Gold Eco Luxury Mi-Luxe Soaps Box/4

SKU #1126367
Marc Gold Eco Luxury Mi-Luxe Soaps. Late one night sitting in a sweet little villa in the corner of Tuscany sipping on green tea, Marc Gold and his niece talked about some of the fondest memories they had. His niece began telling a beautiful tale about the perfect day spa experience, explaining how it made the rest of the world disappear. It was in this moment, while listening to the softness of his niece's voice that Marc realized his next challenge. Mr. Gold took action by decided to perfect the very products that could recreate such an unforgettable moment, not only for his daughter but for all other kind souls that could find comfort in them.
Aqua Mineral: Treat your skin to a pampering with this gentle mineral based bar. Sensitive to skin and nose with an elite water based fragrance. If gentle is what you are looking for, look no further.
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UPC: 728028202038
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