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This is an ongoing project. As you can see our existence is solely to ensure the best possible life for our seniors. To that end, we have developed a project that we feel will fill a gap in senior services during this epidemic and beyond. Though this project was designed as a response to COVID19, we have discovered that we not only reach seniors recently isolated but also those previously isolated for other reasons. Because of this and the fact that seniors will remain sheltering much longer than the general population, we plan to make GranBox a continuing MomsHouse project. Your assistance with that plan is essential. GranBox – In-home senior engagement/entertainment and feel-good goodies Current Reach: Varies Our main mission is to keep seniors active through a series of projects designed to keep mind, body, and spirit engaged. We provide, through touchless delivery, games, activities, PPE, higher-end hygiene, gift cards, and relevant information to isolated seniors. People often think of the basic needs but not about keeping the mind active and occupied in times of trouble. Our current collaborators are: ? Grace Resources ? E & E Love foundation ? Living Faith Cathedral ? AVPH ? Westside Auto ? AV Uplift ? LA CARE ? Senator Scott Wilk ? Assemblyman Tom Lackey ? LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger ? The Children's Center ? Kingdom Life Fellowship Church ? City of Lancaster We are delivering to or have delivered Activity GranBoxes to Fernwood Senior Living, Arbor Gardens, Rancho Village, Grace Resource Senior Feeding program, AV Partners for Health Senior feeding program, Lancaster Adult Day Care, Joe Walker Middle School, Kingdom Life Fellowship Church, Living Faith Cathedral, The Salvation Army, Legacy Commons, New Freedom Church, and assorted senior groups. We have provided 4464 GranBoxes as of 2/12/21. GranBox recently partnered with the Children's Center in their 2020 Census Chalk - a - thon. We enlisted 153 seniors and youth, through our Information GranBoxes, to spread awareness regarding the importance of registering yourself, family, and friends for the 2020 Census^~^MomsHouse was established, August 2014 in tribute to Chalmetta Elaine Paulette Johnson, who died from accelerating Multiple Sclerosis. My mother’s courageous journey of maintaining her independence and dignity inspired the idea to create an organization to work collaboratively with seniors to do the same. We are a 501 (C) (3) non-profit dedicated to empowering elders to engage in active living lifestyles. We do this through projects specially designed to promote movement, healthy living, social engagement, and independence. Our secondary purpose is to close the generational gap by fostering multigenerational relationships. We include and encourage people of all ages to participate, volunteer and mentor. Finally we strive to connect a network of individuals and community partners for the exchange of information and resources furthering MomsHouse’s goals to promote active living and independence among elders. Our services are free to seniors. Mission Statement To enhance and improve the quality of life for the elder community by providing free or low-cost access to products, services and information Our secondary mission is to lessen the generational gap by fostering multigenerational relationships. Vision Statement MomsHouse will be the dominant resource vehicle in the Antelope Valley for all elders to recognize and realize their independence by whatever method is appropriate for the individual using tailor-made programs as well as existing community partners.

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Sand Tube Stress Toys - Assorted, 288 Count

$403.20 (case of 288)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Confetti Rainbow Putty - Assorted, 6 Colors, Ages 3+

$228.96 (case of 144)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Pop Fidget Bubble Bracelets - 24 Pack, Vivid Colors

$122.40 (case of 48)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Women's Home Slippers - Size 9-11, Fur

$99.36 (case of 24)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Pop It Fidget Toys - Assorted Designs/Colors

$220.32 (case of 48)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Knitted Kickballs - Rainbow, Pellet-Filled

$184.32 (case of 288)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
World Stress Balls - Foam Construction

$73.08 (case of 84)

Requested: 1   Still Needed:  1
Magic Sand - 3 Colors, Assorted, Ages 3+

$68.40 (case of 36)

Requested: 2   Still Needed:  2
Hot Air Popcorn Makers - White, 8 Cups

$930.72 (case of 48)

Requested: 50   Still Needed:  50
Dogs' Slipper Toys - Assorted Colors, Squeaky

$110.16 (case of 72)

Requested: 100   Still Needed:  100
Diabetic Socks - Assorted Colors / Sizes

$183.60 (case of 180)

Requested: 250   Still Needed:  250
Colored Pencils - 12 Piece, Pre-sharpened

$85.68 (case of 72)

Requested: 500   Still Needed:  500
Wordsearch Books - 150 Puzzles, Assorted

$57.12 (case of 48)

Requested: 500   Still Needed:  500
Large Print Word Finds - 2 Volumes

$68.16 (case of 48)

Requested: 500   Still Needed:  500
"Chicken Soup For The Soul" Word Find Puzzle Books - Digest Size

$41.76 (case of 24)

Requested: 500   Still Needed:  500
3" Pillar Candles - Assorted Colors, Ribbed, Scented

$186.72 (case of 48)

Requested: 500   Still Needed:  500

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