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Wholesale Scissors for Schools, Small Businesses and More
Stocking up on supplies for your nonprofit organization, charity, school, food service facility or office? DollarDays is your premier resource for wholesale scissors that make the cut... . We know that scissors are essential to many daily tasks, from crafting in art class to many important office duties. At the same time, scissors are among the most often misplaced office supplies, so having a backup — or a whole case full — is never a bad idea! DollarDays has the best array of wholesale and bulk scissors for a wide variety of uses.

School Scissors, Kitchen Shears and More
Stock up on bulk school scissors if you’d like to ensure that your supply closet is well-stocked or need affordable options for stuffing summer supply bags or blizzard bags. Safety scissors are a good choice for schools, camps, daycares and other environments where kids age 5 and up will be the primary users. Blunt tip scissors with soft grip handles help prevent injury while teaching youngsters how to properly wield scissors. For offices and clerical duties, purchase bulk heavy-duty scissors that effortlessly glide through paper and cardstock to make easy work of time-consuming tasks.

You can save big when you load up on specialty scissors from our store, including bulk kitchen shears with sturdy steel blades that easily slice through veggies, fruits and more. These high-quality wholesale shears are ideal for restaurants, cafeterias and catering businesses. We have a wide variety of multipurpose scissors for any need you can imagine at DollarDays. Brands such as Promarx, Bazic, A+ Homework and others make high-quality wholesale scissors that are priced right so you stay on top of your game and under budget. Shop all of our scissor options to find a pair that perfectly suits your needs.
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BigBox 5" Pointed Scissors - 576 Pairs

SKU #2363980 | 576 /case

As low as $0.34/unit

5" Pointed Scissors - 4 Colors

SKU #2371489 | 144 /case

As low as $0.56/unit

8" All Purpose Scissors

SKU #678601 | 72 /case


All-Purpose Pointed Scissors - 7"

SKU #2329668 | 48 /case



8" All Purpose Scissors

SKU #1232160 | 60 /case