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Wholesale Balloons
Find wholesale balloons in all colors, sizes, shapes and designs at DollarDays... . Whether you’re stocking your party supply store or ordering balloons in bulk for a birthday, wedding, birth or other special event, DollarDays has you covered. We carry mylar and latex balloons in every color of the rainbow to match any theme, event or milestone. Order balloons by the case to take advantage of our bulk pricing and fast shipping.

Latex Balloons
Get more bang for your buck by ordering bulk latex balloons from DollarDays. Latex balloons come in virtually every color and can be printed with a simple message like happy birthday or congratulations. The balloons are designed to be filled with helium or air depending on whether or not they need to float. Latex balloons are affordable, flexible and are great for balloon arrangements, balloon decorations and more. Order a single color of balloons, a case of printed balloons or an assortment of colorful balloons.

Mylar Balloons
Mylar balloons are great when you want a detailed design or when you need to avoid potential exposure to a latex allergy. Mylar balloons are made with a base layer of mylar and a top layer of foil, which is why they are sometimes referred to as foil balloons. Like traditional latex balloons, mylar balloons can be filled with either air or helium. Mylar balloons typically feature a printed design like a birthday greeting, an animal or a message of congratulations. Though more expensive than latex balloons, mylar balloons don’t come with an allergy risk and they are more detailed than other balloon types.

Order wholesale mylar and latex balloons from DollarDays for parties, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Stock your business supplies or pick up wholesale balloons for a special event. Select from dozens of different balloon designs and take advantage of wholesale pricing. At DollarDays, you’ll find the best selection of inflatable balloons that are perfect for any need.
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Assorted Color Helium Balloons - 9"

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Red Heart Balloons - Mylar,​ 18"

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Mylar Number 0

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Graduation Balloons - Mylar,​ 18"

SKU #2343135 | 100 /case

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Mylar Number 6

SKU #2354695 | 48 /case



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Mylar Number 2

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Assorted Color Helium Balloons - 7"

SKU #1904945 | 1008 /case