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Treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home with plush wholesale bath towels from DollarDays... . Our collection of soft and luxurious bath linens includes a wide range of colors so you can seamlessly coordinate with your existing décor. These lovely towels are sure to soak up moisture quickly and conveniently so you can feel fresh and clean when you start each day. If you’ve been on the hunt for low-price bath towels that won’t make you sacrifice when it comes to comfort and quality, you’ve come to the right place. Start shopping now to find the perfect bath towels for your needs and your budget.

Reasons to Buy Bulk Bath Towels
Families can go through an incredible number of towels in a matter of days. If you’re tired of constantly doing laundry to keep up, consider getting extra towels for your home. Our bulk towels are perfect for people who like to have a fresh towel every few days. Rather than constantly doing smaller loads of laundry, toss used towels into the hamper and grab a fresh one out of the linen closet. You’ll end up doing fewer washes overall when you wait to have a full load.

Giving Back
Besides using these bulk bath towels in your own home, you can also turn to DollarDays to get these home essentials for other purposes. They’re perfect for non-profit organizations who need to provide basics for their clients. Charitable organizations can make the most of every dollar spent by getting wholesale towels for community drives or for donating to local shelters. These affordable towels are also a great choice for the hospitality industry. Many hotels, spas and resorts like to keep these towels in stock so their guests are always well cared for. Shop now to find the perfect style in this collection of classic and colorful towels in bulk.
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Terry Bath Towel - 20" x 40"

SKU #337869 | 72 /case





Bulk Bath Towels

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As low as $1.74/unit

Terry Bath Towel - 2 Pack

SKU #1785368 | 18 /case


Bath Towels - White,​ 24" x 48"

SKU #2267719 | 96 /case


Center Stripe Bath Towels - 24" x 48"

SKU #2267721 | 120 /case


White Bath Towel 24" x 50"

SKU #2267720 | 60 /case