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Put every hair in its place with the help of these wholesale hair brushes and combs from DollarDays... . You’ll save significantly by buying these grooming tools in bulk on our site. And because we have dozens of products from which to choose for both kids and adults, you’re sure to find just what you need in this collection. These budget brushes and combs are perfect for organizations on a tight budget. Start shopping now to check out our full selection of styling tools online.

Make it a Good Hair Day
Our bulk combs and brushes are available in a wide variety of styles to suit a number of different hair types. You can find wide-tooth combs and hair picks for various styling needs. Detangling brushes and combs are a favorite with adults and kids alike. We also offer some bulk hair brush sets that include a variety of styling tools. Not sure which tools you need? You can narrow down the selection according to brand, including options like Bonita Home, FamilyMaid and Freshscent.

A Great Fit for Your Budget
Brushes and combs are a self-care essential, which is why they make such great donations from nonprofits. You can give bulk orders of these grooming tools to shelters or donation drives to help those in need. For small businesses, buying hair brushes in bulk is a great way to get an inventory of useful products to offer to customers. Some of these hair brushes and combs could even be used as promotional tools. There are so many great reasons to buy these hair brushes, but perhaps the best reason is the incredible wholesale pricing. You can buy small or large case packs depending on your needs to get exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Make DollarDays your go-to comb and hair brush wholesale retailer to enjoy low prices, great service and speedy shipping.
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Baby Essential Grooming Kit

SKU #2285522 | 72 /case


Adult Hairbrushes - 7.​75"

SKU #312959 | 288 /case


Bulk Hair Combs - Black,​ 5"

SKU #687614 | 2160 /case




Hair Brush Assortment - Red/​Black

SKU #2316203 | 36 /case


Dressing Combs - Black,​ 8.​75"

SKU #2329776 | 144 /case


As low as $2.89/unit



As low as $1.09/unit

Black Combs - Plastic,​ 5"

SKU #676155 | 2160 /case


Black Combs - Plastic,​ 7"

SKU #1917358 | 1440 /case


Hair Combs - Black,​ 5"

SKU #312952 | 2160 /case


Baby Comb & Brush Set

SKU #676151 | 288 /case