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Shop our delicious selection of wholesale candy... . You’ll love that we offer such a diverse selection of sweets, including dozens of options for hard candies, lollipops, chewy candies, jellybeans, and chocolate bars.

Our quality candy isn’t like other cheap bulk candy options; it is made by some of the most popular brands including Hershey, Haribo, Jelly Belly, Jolly Rancher, Lifesavers, Wonka, and Nestle. DollarDays offers what other cheap wholesale candy suppliers don’t have: high-quality brand-name discount candy that pleases your sweet tooth and your budget. Save now by ordering the best bulk candy with no order minimum requirements.

Buy Best Seller Discount Candy in Bulk
There is something for everyone’s candy preferences in our collection. Our evolving inventory of goodies includes kosher, gluten-free, and sugar-free discount candy options making it easy to build gift boxes or customized bulk candy mixes that will include those with dietary restrictions.

Discover delectable discount candy that includes sour candy, gummy candy, lollipops, taffy, gummy bears, licorice and so much more. With flavors everyone recognizes and appreciates, you can’t go wrong when you choose from this selection of over 100 different types of wholesale candy.

DollarDays is the best place to buy affordable, and delicious, candy confections. In addition to offering an impressive selection of brands and candy types from miniatures to fun size to full size, we make it easy to find the best cheap candy for your budget. Shop bulk candy by case price to get the right amount for any occasion, without paying candy store prices. Whether you are shopping for a nonprofit fundraiser, charity donation, school events, stocking stuffers, care kits or a Halloween candy stash, our candy selection and discount candy prices are sure to be a hit. Small business owners and retailers can also get fun candies to add to their inventory or give to patrons.

Explore our wide selection of top brands at discount prices and place your order today.

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Mini Tootsie Pops Candy

SKU #1776800 | 800 /case


Made in USA
Coal in Bag Christmas Chocolate

SKU #2351860 | 18 /case


Made in USA
Tootsie Candy Bag Assortment

SKU #1776833 | 615 /case


Made in USA


Made in USA
Tootsie Roll Midgees Candy

SKU #1776834 | 1440 /case


Made in USA
Sucker Assortment

SKU #1776795 | 200 /case



Made in USA


Flash Pop Rings - 24/Box

SKU #1776924 | 48 /case


Neon Lazers - 240/Bag

SKU #1776930 | 1680 /case


Made in USA


Closeout Slam Dunk Bubble Gum

SKU #2269321 | 24 /case


Gummy Hot Dogs - 300/case

SKU #1776927 | 180 /case



Fruit Flavored Candy Sugar Free

SKU #931514 | 2 /case


Gummy Mini Burgers - 60/Box

SKU #1776926 | 180 /case


Made in USA
Cry Baby Gumballs 4 Oz.​ Bag

SKU #1334773 | 24 /case


Closeout Mega Smarties

SKU #2269178 | 48 /case


Goodie Bag 10 Products

SKU #2304613 | 20 /case


Made in USA
Roca Milk Chocolate Candy Bites

SKU #2356947 | 64 /case


Gummi Candy Pizza - 48/Box

SKU #1776928 | 96 /case


Made in USA
Palmer Chocolate Candy Bar

SKU #2356950 | 48 /case


Made in USA
Shark Bite W/​lollipop/12-pc

SKU #2303121 | 24 /case


Jelly Belly Happy Birthday 1 oz

SKU #2304554 | 30 /case