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Tootsie Candy Assortment

SKU #1776833 | 615 /case

$0.06 - $0.08/unit

Tootsie Roll Peg Bag/6.​5 Oz

SKU #2303140 | 24 /case


Tootsie Fruit Chews Peg Bag

SKU #2303139 | 24 /case


Tootsie Roll Snacks/11.​4 Oz Bag

SKU #2303141 | 12 /case



Sugar Daddy Peg Bag

SKU #2303133 | 24 /case



Haribo Sour Gold Bears 1.​8oz

SKU #2291534 | 144 /case


Hi Chew Green Apple 1.​76oz

SKU #2291536 | 120 /case


Hi Chew Cherry 1.​76oz

SKU #2291535 | 120 /case


Laffy Taffy Variety Single 1.​5oz

SKU #2291542 | 288 /case


Mike & Ike Peg 5oz

SKU #2291544 | 12 /case


Starburst Minis Share Sz 3.​5oz

SKU #2291556 | 90 /case


Juicy Drop Taffy Single 2.​36oz

SKU #2291539 | 192 /case


Haribo Sour Gold Bears Peg 4.​5oz

SKU #2289654 | 12 /case


Sweetart Ropes Cherry Punch Peg 5oz

SKU #2289647 | 12 /case


Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Peg 5oz

SKU #2289648 | 12 /case


Lifesavers Gummies 5 Flavor Peg 7oz

SKU #2289634 | 12 /case


Twizzlers Strawberry Giant Bag 25oz

SKU #2289650 | 18 /case


Lifesavers 5 Flavor 41oz

SKU #2289633 | 6 /case


Hi Chew Strawberry 1.​76oz

SKU #2289626 | 120 /case



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