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Discount Bulk Condiments
If your meals are missing a little something, wholesale condiments packets and bottles from DollarDays will fill the gaps... . Whether it’s the extra tanginess of some ketchup on fries or some mayonnaise to help hold your sandwich together, most people have least one condiment they can’t live without. We’ve gathered them all in one place with closeout prices and flexible case quantities. Shop with us if you need wholesale condiments for your restaurant, corner market, school cafeteria or office lunchroom. We also work with organizations planning large holiday dinners and summer cookouts as well as food shelves and other nonprofits

Give any Dish the Right Kick
DollarDays carries more condiments than you can shake a Heinz bottle at — including plenty of Heinz bulk condiments. We also stock other popular condiment brands such as French’s, Kraft, Hidden Valley and Walden Farms. There are also some brands you may not have heard of, but are some of the best-kept secrets in condiments. If you need to fit certain dietary needs, use our search features to look for bulk condiment packets that are fat-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free or kosher. They come in many sizes, too. You can order large bottles for kitchen chefs, table-size bottles for restaurants, travel-size condiments for convenience stores or individual condiments packets for concession stands.

The Biggest Variety of Condiments
This is before we even mention the types of condiments we sell. Our customers can order all the basics like ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, salad dressing and hot sauce. Pick up bulk condiment packs of peanut butter, olive oil, steak sauce, tartar sauce and pancake syrup. You’ll even find chip dips and salsa in this enormous selection. Browse at your leisure or contact us Monday-Friday for personalized assistance. Most orders ship within 48 hours from a U.S. warehouse. We’ll get you what you need when you need it so your organization can do more good.
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Beyond the Buffet Kit

SKU #2304594 | 20 /case


Made in USA


Heinz Malt Vinegar - Packet (9g)

SKU #2304354 | 200 /case


Hunts Fancy Ketchup

SKU #362277 | 1000 /case


Made in USA


Heinz Honey Packet

SKU #2304350 | 200 /case


Sweet Salt Packet

SKU #2304360 | 500 /case


Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

SKU #362269 | 84 /case


Heinz Peanut Butter Cup

SKU #2274909 | 100 /case


Made in USA
Ken's Tartar Sauce Cup

SKU #1940671 | 72 /case


Fat Free Ranch 1.​5 oz packet

SKU #651928 | 60 /case


Chile Salt Packet

SKU #2304361 | 500 /case


Made in USA
Kens Caesar Dressing 1.​5 oz

SKU #362361 | 120 /case



Garlic Oil 1.​75 fl oz bottle

SKU #362508 | 96 /case



Made in USA
100% Lemon Juice individual packet

SKU #1797851 | 400 /case


Made in USA
Best Foods Mayonnaise

SKU #361841 | 210 /case


Made in USA


Yellow Mustard - 0.​20 oz Packet

SKU #2274951 | 400 /case


Heinz Real Mayonnaise

SKU #2304346 | 200 /case



Made in USA




Made in USA


Cholula Hot Sauce

SKU #943270 | 400 /case


Picante Salt Packet

SKU #2304362 | 500 /case


Made in USA


Kens Ranch Dressing

SKU #362367 | 120 /case


Heinz Hot Taco Sauce Packet

SKU #2274949 | 500 /case


Buffalo Wing Sauce Cup 2 oz

SKU #2304378 | 72 /case



Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

SKU #362217 | 200 /case